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Brick City Financial Group,

Who We Are

We work with business owners in a consultative capacity, to help you refine your operational processes, without disruption, to realize benefits in the areas of Specialized Tax Incentives and Expense Reductions, thereby improving your profitability.

We work with your CFO/Accountant or CPA Firm

How can we make YOUR business more profitable?

By putting money back into your business, where you are currently being over-charged in the areas of: credit card processing fees, waste and recycling fees, and worker's compensation premiums. Also, additional money can be refunded to you direct from Uncle Sam in the form of: property tax mitigation, cost segregation incentives, hiring incentives, and R&D tax credits.

Who can we help?

The following types of businesses realize the biggest benefits: Architectural & Engineering firms, Commercial Real Estate owners, Golf Courses, Auto Dealerships, Restaurants, Construction companies, Hotels & Motels, Manufacturing companies, Software Development companies, Start Ups, Medical Facilities, and Funeral Homes, to name a few.

What does it cost? There is no fee for the initial consultation. Our fee is a "not to exceed amount" based on a percentage of the savings or tax incentives that you receive. If we don't find anything we don't charge anything.

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